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Also, an INFJ pansexual pantheist.


carl barat is a masterpiece and no one should be allowed to touch him but pete


Daniel Radcliffe's transformation in the upcoming Horns has been kept largely under wraps ahead of the movie’s Halloween release date. But some totally amazing new pictures making the rounds online today show just how complete Radcliffe’s devilish transformation will be.” [article]


I think about the fact that the director of PoA told Gary Oldman and David Thewlis to play Sirius and Remus as former lovers a lot




this could just be me overanaylysing this film but bucky’s in a bank vault here right?


is it just me, or this some really sick reference to the fact that buckys something valuable, but is kept locked away and hidden from the world? basically…


Because I just drew a bunch of bby Aithusas for sirmalory and didn’t want to be done quite yet. :)

“He’ll think of the tiny details only a poet thinks of. He used to phone me up when he’s miserable or when he’s upset about some other drama and I’d say ‘Ok, Pete, it’s fine. Alright, where are you?’ And he’d go [dramatically] ‘In the rain!’ Just that sort of thing. So endearing. So beautiful.”

Carl Barât on Pete Doherty (via albion-sails-on-course)

princehal9000 asked: headcanon william shakespeare, the playwright. not his plays. the actual dude himself.


i try to headcanon (modern au) Shakespeare The Dude Himself and mostly I just come up with really absurd things which, coincidentally, are probably 100% accurate and basically amount to:

  • Shakespeare listens to Kesha while he writes
  • Shakespeare goes online and argues with people who insist that Mercutio is straight
  • (i’ve said this before but like) at least 100 plays of this Pompeii 8tracks mix are his
  • Shakespeare would be that dude that no one actually even bothers inviting to their parties anymore because he always just shows up two hours late with a 6pack under his arm
  • Shakespeare mixes his patterns (striped trousers with a polka dot shirt with a paisley wrap) and wears the weirdest shoes and scarves you’ve ever seen
  • Shakespeare has a tumblr account just to reblog people’s text posts and add really infuriating puns and then refuses to apologize when it gets over 50k notes
  • via soemilymarlowe runs the ‘i’m sorry your text post got famous’ blog just to reblog shakespeare’s puns